Every occasion is special in its own way!

An experience filled with passion, attention to detail, and boundless creativity… In collaboration with our reliable partners, we can offer you the perfect planning of an event or a wedding.


You have set your wedding date and you are extremely happy, having dreamed about the big day all your life. So you start asking yourself questions, such as: where do we start, who do we contact? And then, there's suddenly panic, nervousness and the inevitable stress! Do not worry; you have come to the right place! Enjoy the days ahead of you, and let us do our job.

It's true that planning a wedding can be very time-consuming, and it takes up a lot of your energy, creating additional stress. Some things are exciting and fun, but, on the other hand, there's the endless searching, details, paperwork; all requiring your special attention. Using the services of a wedding planner lets you take control, and all your necessary information is in one place. After all, it is your day, so reduce your stress to the lowest level possible, making sure that every detail is right where it should be, and everything looks just perfect.


  • A large number of open wedding venues or restaurants anywhere in Croatia
  • catering, cakes, pastry
  • planner, wedding day coordinator, budget calculations, counselling
  • band, DJ, harp, klapa (traditional a cappella choir), dance course, sound and light effects, photo and video production
  • flowers, invitations, thank-you notes, corsages, buttoneers...
  • transportation for the bride&groom and guests, old timer or limousine rental
  • tent, decorations, fireworks
  • special offers on styling
  • wedding trips
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